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One of the most successful gaming consoles developed by PS creators is PS Vita. This amazing console supports over 275 HD games and other hundreds of low-resolution games as well. But even if you already own this super gaming console you might still need to know some useful hacks of PS Vita to make your gaming experience even more thrilling. In this guide you will learn to master some very useful and less known PS Vita hacks like the one of generateur de code psn gratuit with which your gaming experience will move to a whole new level. So read the guide below and get going.

  • To begin with you must know how to enjoy the games by going remote. You can go wireless by connecting your device to your mobile phone using Bluetooth settings given in PS Vita. So enjoy the wireless mode and even get to download and upgrade the existing games through it.
  • You can play games on your PS Vita in HD resolution. All you need to do is make changes in the color enhancement and resolution settings of your game.
  • Brightness adjustment without needing to interrupt your gameplay is another trick you must learn. Just press the screen corner on your PS Vita and menu for adjusting brightness will appear. You can even access the quick brightness adjustment by pressing PS button on your PS Vita till the menu shows up. So no need to pause your game again for adjusting screen brightness.
  • Taking screenshot can be so easy that you would not have imagined. Just press the PS button amidst your gameplay and a flashlight along with the shutter sound will appear and yes the screenshot is saved in your PS Vita photo gallery.
  • You can prevent your saved game from getting lost due to some accident by making a backup of it. Just connect your device PS Vita to PS3 using USB cable and open the content manager of your Vita. There will be a backup option available; select it to backup all yours saved games and settings.
  • If you are a true game addict then you can get to download the upcoming game on its release date. Change your location to Qatar and you will be the first one to download the game as soon as it is released.
  • You can even pre-load your game for not wasting time on waiting till your game loads on your system. Just enable the pre-load option given and save your time.


So these are some useful PS Vita tips that can enhance your gaming experience. Moreover these tricks work equally well on PS3 and PS4 as well.